I’ve created thus blog to share recipes and stories of how essential oils and Isagenix (love Replenish!) are changing my life. So far I have gotten off ambien and Philips tablets, and my migraine prophylaxis medication.  I am eliminating sugar substitutes from my diet – I used to drink crystal light all day and am totally off that. I have switched from Diet Mountain Dew to Mountain Zevia, which has no artificial sweeteners.  As far as essential oils, I started out using DoTerra and switched to Young Living – well, mostly because I didn’t get support from my doterra up line and because of YL’s animal care line. I do have a Zyto Compass, which is so cool to be able to tell you exactly what oils and supplements your body needs. I also have a dog, so I’ll be posting pet related information as well. I have scanned my dog!  

If you would like to sign up with young living, go to…
My distributor # is 2509664
If you would like to purchase any of the products, you can order from me; however, you get a 24% discount on oils if you join as a “member” rather than a “retail customer” and there is no minimum order

I have collected these ideas from other EO users, from books and from websites.